Discover The 4 Foods Swaps To Help Restore Your Gut, Rid Brain Fog and Revamp Your Energy

  •  Learn Fresh and Functional food swaps to fuel your energy and focus
  •  Optimize your nutrition and help restore your gut with Fresh and Functional recipes
  •  Find out why genetically modified foods are found in over 90% of foods on the market
Who Is This For...

If you’re like most of the members in our tribe, you’re a high-performer. You are a sustainably-driven CEO, executive, entrepreneur (aspiring), professional or high-achiever.

You want to optimize your brain and body performance so you'll have more energy, feel confident and have less stress.

You want to decrease your brain fog so you'll have more mental clarity and focus to get more done in less time.
You want to sleep deep so you'll wake up feeling well rested and ready for the day.

Or maybe you want to get reconnected with yourself so you are clear on your next steps and have the stamina to reach your vision and serve at the level that you want to while being the best version of yourself.  

But something keeps getting in the struggle with knowing how to consistently feel better and often feel overwhelmed with lack of time or the conflicting information online.

Or perhaps, you feel you have tried different things, but nothing has seemed to really work long-term and you know you are not at your best and want to be.

Either way, using the 4 food swaps in this guide will help you to enhance your nutrition to optimize your health and performance.  

Your body is designed to feel energized and this guide will help.
My name is Breanne Gibson. I'm a holistic nutritionist, live foods expert, speaker, entrepreneur and permaculture designer.

We are all unique in our bio-individuality, however, there are certain foods that impact the integrity of the gut wall...period. 

Since the gut is the root of dis-ease in the body and directly connected to the brain and the immune system, restoring gut health is a game changer for health and performance.  

So I’ve put together this special guide so that you can begin swapping inflammatory foods for fresh and functional ones, so you can feel better.
Why This Is Important To You?
  •  You know that energy is everything and if you're spending hours feeling tired, groggy, or experiencing low energy then you know you're not reaching your full potential.
  •  You want to optimize your digestion and be fuelled by live, nutrient-dense foods to enhance your concentration and focus so you can improve productivity and sustain your energy levels.
  •  You want to sleep deeper because you know quality sleep is such a key player in optimal health and you are committed to being the best version of yourself.
  •  You want to overcome any adverse reactions you are having whether that is digestive, skin, weight or how you feel overall so you are happier and confident.  
  •  You want to support your body best so you can feel, think and perform better.
"With very simple changes, we began to see positive results that will benefit us for the rest of our livesIt is amazing to see how alert and energized we've been feeling since Breanne’s intervention. I would recommend Breanne to anyone looking to clean up their lifestyle and learn about plant-base nutrition." –  Jean Le Bouthillier, Leadership Executive, Ontario, Canada
"Prior to working with Breanne I had seen various naturopaths, doctors and specialists.  Breanne has not only helped my GI issues immensely, but she also dove into my entire lifestyle as a whole and helped me get on the path to where I want to be. She has been an incredible support in guiding me to achieve my goals. Working with Breanne is and continues to be life changing, by far the best thing I have done for my health." –  Madlynn P, Ontario, Canada
“Healthier and achieving optimal performance at an elite level. Being healthier and living on a plant-based diet is not as hard as I thought! I was one of those guys wanting to get bigger, stronger and faster, calculating my protein intake and eating pounds of meat every week. I work in an elite environment where performance is the only option of success. Fuelling my body with a plant-based diet has made me healthier and fitter. It has allowed my skin to clear up (face and upper back), solved my continuous heartburn issue after a meal and also, overcame my allergy to raw nuts. Benefits of this lifestyle are absolutely fantastic! I have been faster and stronger than ever. My body composition has changed for the best. I have more energy throughout the day in order to make better decisions and solve complex problems." – Anonymous – Canadian Special Forces Member
"Working with Breanne goes beyond nutrition alone and truly focuses on a complete renovation from the inside out to really heal and reenergize ourselves so we can become the best we can be. Her knowledge and experience combined with her passion to heal, nurture and empower people have created a sustainable program and a genuine community of people committed to change their lives in a positive and long term way." – Fabiola Secaira, Guatemala 
"Breanne has been an imperative force in my journey to better health, self-empowerment, and enlightenment. I have been working with her for 8 weeks now and I cannot tell you how much her program has changed my life. Breanne’s holistic approach goes beyond food: she considers the individual as a whole and helps you create an environment for healing that allows you to produce the best version of yourself. As an expert in her field, Breanne has extensive knowledge about nutrition but also has the unique ability to deliver the information in a way that makes it accessible to all. Her passion for plant-based foods and sustainable living continues to inspire me and fuel my motivation to achieve my goals. You will not find a more dedicated, generous, and compassionate professional." – Jacky Smith, Quebec, Canada. 
Learn The 4 Food Swaps to Rid Bloating, Brain Fog, & Low Energy
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